Introducing The Wilder Shore starting 18th May 2020

I’m very excited to announce a new weekly webcomic starting on the 18th May with Steven Ingram.

The Wilder Shore is about the ferry crossing to the Isle of Bute – and the passengers and crew stuck on board when their journey is interrupted. Spoiler: it’s not coronavirus.

You can read along on the main website: or subscribe on Tapas:

Sleep In Fright

Script seeking illustrator – please contact me for full script.


An old man in a wheelchair, with a saline drip, is being prepared for the “dreamer procedure” by a doctor. The procedure is to remove his brain from his dying body. The brain will then be able to dream forever.

Unfortunately, the doctor is stabbed to death by her assistant. The assistant then turns on the old man.

An alarm attached to a brain in a vat starts ringing. The assistant is looking at the brain, and alerting the doctor, who is alive. It appears the brain has been trying to awake from a nightmare. As we zoom out, we see thousands of brains, all in the same alarm state.

Writer’s note: I know, I know, it seems like a hokey old sci-fi plotline. “It was all a dream” and “he’s stuck in a nightmare” – nothing new here. But I think it’s still fun for 2 quick pages!


1-2 pages. The first page is pretty dense (8 panels), then the second is sparser.

Monster [Drama]

Script seeking illustrator – please contact me for full script.

Synopsis (major spoilers ahead)

Elise is 12 and she’s bullied by a bunch of kids. She’s bookish and physically big and awkward. She identifies with Frankenstein’s monster and wonders if people would understand her better if she looked more like the monster.

After being chased into a tool shed, Elise finds some bolts to screw into her ears. A doctor tries, and fails, to take them out. Elise is perfectly happy though – she can’t hear what the bullies are saying any more.


1-2-pager – depending on how you want to tackle it, extra panels could be added.