Who am I?

J W Murray
© Ashley Erdman

Hello! I’m a writer based in Edinburgh. I’ve written short stories, a full-length novel, and I’m now writing comics.

Why Comics?


It’s all down to the toolkit. The scope of what you can do with comics is just enormous. You can have text overlaying a totally unrelated scene, informing how you feel about that scene; you can see a character’s thoughts written in a thought bubble, written on their face, and spoken out loud (and each of those thoughts could be subtly different); you can interrupt a narrative with page-spanning image, or you can break down an action into a sequence of minute details. These narrative devices barely brush the surface of what’s possible with comics.

So comics are great – but we need more of them, with more diverse characters in more interesting scenarios, created by more diverse writers and artists (though I’m not helping there), and we need an audience that isn’t scared to pick them up! See Scott McCloud’s “Reinventing Comics” for the complete manifesto. My goal is to push comics just a fraction further in the right direction.